If you live close to a creek, river, major storm water drain or in a low‐lying area, you may be at risk from floods.Your property may be flooded, you could become isolated (surrounded by floodwater), access to other areas might be cut and you could lose your power, water supply and other low-lying infrastructure such as drainage and sewage may also become blocked.

Floods can pose a risk to your life. The major cause of death during floods is by people entering floodwater, that is driving, riding or walking through or playing in floodwater.

Floods cause damage and disruption. Every year in NSW, floods cause millions of dollars damage to property and critical infrastructure, such as roads and railways as well as to agricultural land and crops. Floods also disrupt business and can affect communities.

If you live in an area prone to flooding it is important to prepare your family and property before a flood occurs:

  • Know your risk
  • Check your insurance
  • Have a plan
  • Get your home emergency kit together
  • Act early
  • Stay informed