Fires Near Me - NSW Rural Fire Service 

It's important you stay up to date before, during and after bush fires and other emergencies.To help, the NSW RFS provides information and warnings through a range of channels.

Fires near me

Fires Near Me website
Information and warnings about bush fires and other incidents attended by the NSW RFS
Fires Near Me page
Fires Near Me NSW smartphone app
A mobile application on iOS and Android to help you stay up to date on bush fires in your area

Download for iOS devices

Download for Android devices

Fires Near Me Australia smartphone app
Providing fire information from participating fire and emergency service authorities across Australia

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Australian Red Cross - Get Prepared app

  • Get Prepared is an app that helps you connect with your key support people, accomplish simple tasks to make you and your loved ones safer, and protect the things that matter most to you.
  • A quick and easy network of support
  • Establish your network of support with your three key contacts. Your Key 3 are the people you know and can ask for help in an emergency.
  • Simple checklists for completing actions
  • Make a plan using simple checklists that help you complete the important actions that make you prepared for emergencies.
  • Share your plan with the people you care about
  • Your current emergency plan is always available and easy to share with anyone you're connected with

Get Prepared is an easy to use app that helps you access information and tools to complete an emergency plan. It builds on the Red Cross RediPlan.

Download the app at:    Get Prepared app | Australian Red Cross


Red Cross - First Aid 

The Red Cross First Aid app is a free, comprehensive pocket guide to first aid and CPR, giving you access to the most up to date first aid information anytime, anywhere.

First Aid app | Australian Red Cross


Marine Rescue   

The MarineRescue App makes it easier than ever for boaters to stay safe on NSW waters. It’s the only App that connects you directly to

Marine Rescue NSW.

In just a few minutes, you can Log On with Marine Rescue NSW and be on your way, knowing more than 3,000 professionally trained and equipped search and rescue experts are watching out for you. 

The App also provides a range of valuable safety tools and information that could help save lives in an emergency:

  • Local tide, weather and sea conditions 
  • Your latitude/longitude position coordinates 
  • Boat ramp locations and popular fishing spots
  • A safety checklist
  • Emergency call procedures
  • Information on Marine Rescue NSW

Download the app at:  MarineRescue App - Marine Rescue NSW


Live Traffic NSW

Live Traffic NSW users will be able to keep up to date with news of incidents and conditions that affect their journey in Sydney and Regional NSW.

  • Live updates on traffic incidents around NSW.
  • Access to live traffic cameras from the Transport Management Centre (TMC).
  • Save and set up alerts on favourite routes.

Download the app at: Live Traffic NSW on the App Store ( Live Traffic NSW - Apps on Google Play

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